Divas Care


The Hair

The hair feeds directly off of the bloodstream, therefore whatever is consumed directly impacts the growth of the hair. Naturally, eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and drinking large quantities of water will have a positive effect, while consuming tobacco; prescription drugs will have a negative effect. In either case it is always good to take a multi vitamin, high in Biotin.  The key is consistency, even with scalp stimulators or laboratory generated growth enhancers, nothing will work better than feeding the hair from the inside out.

The Scalp

The scalp is where the sebaceous glands are found, secreting sebum to travel down the hair shaft. There are instances where the glands can be over or under active causing a scalp condition. These conditions can be treated with our Diva Scalp Treatment, a cool antifungal rinse applied to the scalp to calm and slow down production of sebum or help cleanse unwanted flakes.

The Treatments

Our treatment menu is complete with reconstructors, rebuilders, strengtheners, strengthening paks, intense moisturizers, scalp stimulators and more. All are used to restore hair back to its normal state or maximize the hair’s fullest growth potential. 

The Trim

The purpose of a trim is to cut away all split ends that prevent hair growth. The hair should be trimmed at least every 4-6 weeks. When split ends aren’t trimmed, they continue to split and cause the appearance of the hair to be thin.

The Hairstyle

Maintaining your hairstyle is important considering the investment made to look your best. Now that women are more health conscious, working out has become a part of lifestyle, in that keeping a hairstyle can be challenging. With a few minor adjustments, your hairstyle can endure the work out routine or recover from a rainy day.

  • Keep as much hair as possible off the scalp,( pinning hair up or ponytail it on top the head)
  • Allow scalp to completely dry out before attempting to wrap around head, or pin curl.
  • After exposure to rain and humidity, use the Paul Mitchell gloss drops before wrapping or pin curling
  • If all curl and style are lost, use the Paul Mitchell foaming pomade and pull back in to a ponytail

Thermal Irons

  • Use of thermal irons may cause dryness and breakage
  • Use thermal irons only once a week and pin curl or wrap in between
  • Satin caps and Satin pillow cases help preserve hairstyle and curl.

Shedding and Breakage
If shedding and breakage occurs, contact the salon immediately for consultation


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